Laimon Fresh. Jump into Summer
Laimon Fresh is a soft drink that tastes just like summer. How do we show it? We were inspired by the product: turning the circles from the bottle label into a portal and jumping into summer with TikTok bloggers. The creator of the best video won a trip to a hot country, while the brand received thousands of UGC. The campaign was supported with pre-rolls on YouTube and a receipt promo with summer prizes..
Genesis. Energy to Create
The Genesis drink settled on the territory of creativity and held a marathon where participants tested their skills in new spheres, from design to copywriting. Music was the most popular direction, so in the second flight the brand organised a singing competition. The musicians posted hundreds of videos, the audience was voting, and the winner received a million rubles!
“Sharliz” Sweet Manifesto
How do we prove that having a sweet tooth is nothing to be ashamed of? We launched #SharlizSweetManifesto (#СладкийМанифестШарлиз) — a series of animated videos where sweets became activists. Each character promoted a social slogan such as “I/We are Vanilla Pastille”, the manifesto was supported by bloggers and users who received “Pyaterochka” card points for Stories with Sharliz stickers.
#RulesOfConsciousShopping (#ПравилаОсознанногоШопинга)
Russians spend up to 50% of their budget on food. But shopping can be more rewarding if you know the #RulesOfConsciousShopping! Bloggers shared their favourite rules — how to purchase inexpensive and delicious products. We also filmed a TikTok show about the secret life of “Pyaterochka” private labels, their advantages and the desire to be noticed by customers.